Important Information About Dosage, Side Effects, and Interactions of Xenical

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The fats that a person consumed are blocked by the use of Xenical medicine. It helps a person to lose weight and the risk of getting more weight is also reduced. But, alone it does not effect as efficiently as it does with a complete diet and exercise plan. The calorie level in the diet is reduced while the patient is using this medicine. It is to be noted that this medicine is not for the children, only adults can consume this. People Buy Xenical online, but sometimes it can be dangerous if it is bought from unauthorized dealers of drugs. The risk of containing dangerous ingredients increase in the items obtained from internet sources, so special care should be taken.

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Important informationXenical

This medicine is strictly prohibited for the pregnant females. This is because the weight loss is not allowed during pregnancy since it can be harmful to the mother as well as the child. This is not allowed even if the mother is obese or overweight. The person will chronic malabsorption or gallbladder syndrome should also avoid the use of this medicine. Doctors take a detailed test of the body to know whether the person has any history of liver disease, underactive thyroid, pancreatitis or using any medication for weight loss or not. The person who is recommended with this medicine should use it along and there is no need to share it with others. A person having eating disorder needs to stay away from this medicine. The whole program includes the exercise, weight and diet control to get positive results.

How to take this medicine

The right way is to see the label and use the prescription of the doctor. Proper instructions for patients are provided along with this drug to make use effective and productive. The frequency of taking this medicine is three times in a day along with the fat containing meal. If a person also skips a meal, the dose should also be skipped. Xenical weight loss pills also require that the whole meal consumed should not contain fats more than 30%. The vitamins that are fat soluble do not get absorbed by the body and calories do not accumulate. Xenical 120 mg is recommended for the adults. The medicine should be kept at the room temperature and away from the moisture. In case the person forgets to take the dose, he should take it as soon as he remembers but the time period should not be more than 1 hour after a meal. The overdose should be communicated to doctor immediately.

Side effects of Xenical

Some people experience severe pain in the backbone. The kidney issues such as no or little urination, swelling in the ankle or feet and short breath are also observed in the users of this medicine. Liver problems occurring due to this drug are a loss of appetite, pain in stomach, dark urine, itching, nausea and feeling of tiredness. As the medicine has worked on the fat blocking so the side effects clearly show its symptoms. Some side effects are temporary and occur because the fats are being removed out of body instead of accumulating. Some people may experience oily spotting on the undergarments or oily discharge. Normally nausea, stomach pain, and rectal pain are also common for the patients of this medicine.

Other drugs affecting Xenical

If a person is taking medication for diabetes or seizure issue, he should communicate it to the doctor. The vitamin supplements including the elements of vitamin E and carotene are also prohibited. These medicines can have severe effects on the working of Xenical.

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