What are Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen and Where to Buy Them?

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Hydrocodone is a drug from the category of pain relievers that are narcotic. Acetaminophen is also a strong pain reliever that is used to increase the effect produced by Hydrocodone. The pain of moderate as well as the severe level is comforted easily by the use of these drugs. This medication should be only taken when it is prescribed otherwise it is a habit-forming drug that can make person addict. Due to the outcomes, this medicine should not be given to children because it can lead to severe side effects.

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Usage of Hydrocodone

Normally this medicine is taken in the form of the tablet through the mouth. For the person suffering from nausea, it is good to take it with food. However, if the patient intends to take it in liquid form, the measuring device should be used appropriately so that the perfect amount is maintained. The amount prescribed depends on the age as well as the weight of the person taking it. The varying doses of this medicine are Hydrocodone 10-325 mg that can be taken according to the capacity. While taking this medicine, in order to get away from the side effect of constipation; a person should drink six to eight glasses of water. The food with fiber should be taken more in quantity. Proper withdrawal pattern should be followed to avoid serious issues because this is a medicine of abuse.

Dosage information

The dose of Hydrocodone 10 mg should be taken in the form of one tablet at a time. Frequency can vary from 4 – 6 hours depending on the need of the patient. However, the medicine of low potency as 5 mg can be taken in the combination of two tablets at a time. As a whole 10 mg tablet can be used as 6 tablets in a single day for adults. If the medication is taken in liquid form, one dose is 15 mL after every 4 – 6 hours that sums up to be 6 tablespoons in a single day. The dose should be adjusted in patients according to their physical conditions. Such as the patients that are suffering from liver dysfunction or renal issues should consult the doctor first to get the right amount of dose. Also, the patients going through dialysis take medication according to the prescription and adjustment from the pharmacist or doctor.

Side effects

The medication taken from Hydrocodone online pharmacy can have some other effects in addition to the desired ones. Medical attention should be provided as early as possible to the occurrence of those side effects. However, some minor side effects do not require any medical attention. Such as sleepiness, drowsiness and mood swings are the common feelings experienced in people. Some patients feel indigestion, hearing loss, pain in the chest, weakness, and belching during the period of taking this medicine. Some of the serious side effects include blood in vomit, dark urine, bleeding gums, difficulty in breathing and body swelling. These side effects are not common and if anyone witnesses these, he must contact the doctor immediately.


The doctor must be told about any kind of allergies and other disorders before taking this medicine. If the person has breathing issues, brain problems including tumor, head injury, and seizure or any kind of kidney disorder, this information should be communicated to doctor immediately. People having family or personal history of drug and alcohol abuse should also avoid the use of this medicine. Once the precautions are taken and the doctor writes a prescription, the patient can buy Hydrocodone acetaminophen online without any problem. This is a legal and authentic way of getting this medicine.

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